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Why is it Media Doesn't Matter? I thought media mattered!
We at Media Doesn't Matter believe that whiney liberals, who solely depend on media outlets for information, rather than a solid education, involvement, or intelligent discussion, should grow up and stop taking every word out of someone's mouth (be it author, pundit, filmmaker, or media personality) so literally.

If media doesn't matter, why did you make this website?
Naturally, since liberals take everything they hear as solid fact, instead of considering their intelligence, (likely due to an unsupervised upbringing or a low income), they must refute every misstatement they can, in order to smear media personalities' characters, and further their agenda. We at Media Doesn't Matter decided to give them a small taste of their own medicine.

What is liberal misinformation?
Liberal misinformation is commentary that is not accurate and distorts the truth, to fuel the liberal agenda. It is often hateful and discrimitory, while at the same time attempts to revoke the constitutional right to freedom of speech.

Is there a way to fight back?
Yes. We have a section where you can take action available at:

Are you hiring?
Unfortunately, no. We believe that it doesn't take an army to find liberal misinformation in the media and on the internet. Also, since we are just a website, and not funded in any way, we would have no means of paying you

Are you funded?
We are not funded. We don't believe in any kind of monetary value for simply pointing out the truth.

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