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Abortion: The Lighter Side

The abortion issue has been hammered out over years of deliberated discussion. There have been many concessions on either side but there remains one facet of the matter which excites the passions of all affected parties: how can we afford the luxury of the right to kill unborn babies without the unconvenience of giving women too many rights - especially over their own bodies.

The death of unborn infants will be addressed first: it is positive. The ability to affirmatively control the population is a mighty ability, especially in the face of human unpredictability and illogic. The human will to indescriminately copulate, especially that tenancy in individuals of lower order genetics must be matched with a pleasantly cold ability to erase those embarassing inconveniences, as if they never happened.

Secondly: women's rights. Since the sexual revolution, the disaligning of sexual roles has bred confusion into the family life of the Western World. More intelligent women rebeling from their role as the consumate matron and progenitor of intellects befitting her genes, leaving the propagation of our race the chore of the lesser women. Those who do breed do not pass on the effectual feminine traditions, older wisdom to the feminine psychology. In its stead, the only pure gender examples for a young female are masculine. This can breed nothing but confusion. Since the sexual revolution divorce rates have risen 1400%. Divorce, leaving children with their mothers, have emasculated two generations of young men. Within the last 45 years the western world has foolishly attempted to reprogram 10,000 years of gender programming. Progression in this direction will only further reveal human inability to remove themselves from the physiolo! gy and psychology of sex. The only way to cure this ailment is restore women's original throne in the household by blessing them with fewer rights.

The problem is not with the logic, it is with the over-riding sentimentalities adherent to a society riddled with unfortunate poor thanks to over-population and the the ever-presence of misplaced femininity.

Only when we accomplish these goals can we begin to progress in a fashion ideal for the human psyche. Resegregation of cultural groups to stimulate competition between them will ensure that natural selection improves human genetic potential. One culture will doubtless flourish beyond the rest and this "Master Culture" will be honored with the ability to eradicate xenotypical males and breed with their women to produce a heartier race.

Hopefully when the robot armies attack our way of life, our cold logic and wise methods will be enough to ravage them and seize their science that we might become robots ourselves and squeeze the universe in our steel fist.


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