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Iraq: A Matter of Faith

The war in Iraq has nearly smote our greatest soldier - Faith in the USA. A bit of a "wounded poet" remark, certainly as I sit with my proverbial "hand adrench", but let's call a spade a spade: we've let common political myth drive our focus away from our duty to the world.

It started with the condemnation: there is sufficient proof of WMD production in Iraq. The evil of Saddam Hussein had danced one box-step over the line and the US was summoned to do its mandated duty. But we had to look a gift horse in the mouth. If one wanted to one might be able to find proof contrary to rock solid concepts like Capitalism or Christianity.

The media and the traitorous left have picked at and whined about the truth of Saddam's malicious intent with finnicky accusations such as "there is no evidence that WMD's were present nor their construction intended."

It seems the Democrat constituency and the liberal media have forgotten the one intent and purpose of the American System: to altruisticly protect the peace and happiness of humanity, if necessary at the expense of our national security. This is the halmark of our country's modus operandi and the heart of our platerus unipotus sic anum fidelis. Let us observe this concept at work.

Our reasons for invasion: There are two - firstly, weapons of mass destruction, secondly, to give the Iraqi people a life of freedom and capitalism, which they greatly desire. Whispered amongst the left are wild theories of oil barons and war profiteers.

Our reasons for remaining in Iraq are obvious: keeping the people happy and safe from terrorism and if they are terrorists, safe from themselves. Democracy must be enforced. Freedom is obligatory. These must be our mantras, not passed insults suggesting that the United States is maintaining its presence in Iraq to retain its foothold in an elusively antagonistic and oil rich region during a time of energy crisis and a rise of an eastern power with a direct access to the Middle East. Nonsense. Why would we?

The Republicans have virtual control over our government because of their reliance on truth and justice - these are the American way. The only way we can retain our freedom and democracy is homogeny - one party, one mind. The danger introduced by suspicion of a darker intention in the actions of our government; the mind and right arm of our people and way of life; is a heresy. All the more, may God protect us from those who believes this nation acts with calculated aggression and subterfuge to protect our way of life and that this is natural, and right.


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