Media Doesn't Matter is a partisan website and does not accept donations, however, we have provided some links to our favorite causes that help fight against liberal misinformation. Please consider a small donation to one of these fine organizations. Thank you.

The Media Research Center is a fantastic organization that constantly archives admissions and evidence of liberal bias in the news, complete with their own news division. The MRC operates under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions are tax-deductible for income tax purposes.

MRC's homepage:

Donate to MRC:

Accuracy in Media is a non-profit, grassroots citizens watchdog of the news media that critiques botched news stories and sets the record straight on important issues that have received slanted coverage. Membership is FREE and includes a complementary hardcopy subscription to their twice-monthly newsletter.

AIM's homepage:

Become a member of AIM:

The American Conservative Union
is a must for any conservative, proving direct funding where we need it most. Membership benefits (at any level) include a subscription to Conservative Battleline as well as ACU's annual "Rating of Congress". Even without the benefits, ACU is the most beneficial organization out there to donate to.

ACU's homepage:

Become a member of ACU:

Other External Links: - a project of MRC that provides timely corrections to news media reporting - dedicated to documenting and exposing the liberal political agenda of the New York Times, which is arguably the most influential media outlet in America - performs weekly studies of liberal bias in the media - great blogsite that exposes and answers liberal biases, agendas and fallacious reporting in the media - documents the political bias of Dan Rather and CBS News

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