Thu, Apr 18, 2006

Media Matters attacked Rumsfeld for appearing on Rush Limbaugh, despite the fact that we live in a free society.


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Summary: In an attempt to post anything they could about the call for Defense Secretary Rumsfeld's resignation, Media Matters attacked him for simply appearing on a radio talk show.

In a last minute attempt to inform their readers about the recent Rumsfeld controversy, Media Matters attacked Donald Rumsfeld for appearing on Rush Limbaugh, using the excuse that Limbaugh had called a woman a "ho" on-air 2 weeks prior. The attack on Rumsfeld was posted even though Limbaugh had immediately apologized for the incident after the commercial break. An incident Media Matters themselves have documented.

Even though the Duke rape investigation has absolutely nothing to do with Rumsfeld, Media Matters used the opportunity to post information about his recent call for resignation by top military brass.

From the April 17 broadcast of ABC's World News Tonight:

LIMBAUGH: What does it feel like to you to go through these ups and downs and to have practically the entire media jump on the case of these six generals demanding your ouster?

RUMSFELD: Well, you know, this too will pass. I think about it, and I must say, there's always two sides to these things, and the sharper the criticism comes, sometimes the sharper the defense comes from people who don't agree with the critics.