Sat,May 6, 2006

Media Matters attacked Cavuto for interviewing a Playmate


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Summary: Media Matters attacked host Neil Cavuto for interviewing a Playboy Playmate on the May 4 edition of Your World, but failed to mention that Olbermann interviewed a porn star that very same day.

In yet another example of their liberal bias, Media Matters attacked Cavuto for interviewing Playboy model Kara Monaco, accusing Cavuto of repeatedly disguising his news program in an attempt to feature "nude or scantily clad women." However, Media Matters failed to note that Keith Olbermann had interviewed porn star Mary Carey on his liberal agenda driven show, Countdown, that very same day.

Media Matters also falsely claimed that "There was no discussion of how Monaco, as the new face of Playboy, would be representing the company." However, as their own transcript pointed out, Monaco stated in the interview that she would be travelling and representing the company as their ambassador over the next year.

From the May 4 edition of Fox News' Your World with Neil Cavuto:

CAVUTO: Kara, what do you do with this? I mean, after -- you're Playmate of the Year. I mean, where do you go? What do you want to do?

MONACO: I am just going to spend the next year traveling and representing the company as their -- as Playboy's ambassador for the next year.