Cindy Sheehan is the mother of a soldier who was killed in action while serving in Iraq, and uses his death to further her biased liberal agenda, despite the fact that he was mostly raised by her ex-husband. She solely blames President George Bush for her son's death, despite the fact that her son voluntarily re-enlisted in a volunteer army, and was killed on a mission that he had volunteered for.
Sheehan met with President Bush shortly after her son's death, stating that he is "a man of faith" and "sincere about wanting freedom for the Iraqis". Although, after realizing she was gaining media attention, changed her opinion, saying that her meeting with Bush was "one of the most disgusting experiences I have ever had."
Sheehan regularly attempts to disrupt political functions, and has stated that her son was killed for Israel, dishonoring his memory every step along the way.